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Shiatsu Center

Shiatsu Center

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The Shiatsu Center - Portland
The Shiatsu Center owned by Aki Imaira, male massage therapist, Shiastu Center | Portland, Oregon 97206. The Shiatsu Center, shiatsu is an alternative ...

Rolling Hills Shiatsu Center - MOVED - Torrance - Torrance, CA | Yelp
19 Reviews of Rolling Hills Shiatsu Center MOVED "They moved to 21150 Hawthorne Blvd Ste 204 Torrance, CA 90503 New phone number : (310) 542 1200 ...

Irvine Shiatsu Center - Irvine, CA | Yelp
1 Review of Irvine Shiatsu Center "Useless massage and kind of scammy. I should have stopped the massage half way through and asked for my money back.

Rolling Hills Shiatsu Center: Shiatsu Therapy
Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork. Good for stress relief and relaxation. Also reduce pain & aches.

Shiatsu Massage Center - Honolulu
The Shiatsu and Massage Center is located in Honolulu, Waikiki, Hawaii and offers massages such as: shiatsu, reiki, lymphatic, relaxation, yoga, yoga massage, ...

Burnsville Shiatsu Center
The Burnsville Shiatsu Center can help in your path to healing. Shiatsu (shee-aht -sue), meaning “finger pressure” in Japanese is an ancient form of therapeutic ...

ROLLING HILLS SHIATSU CENTER. 21150 HAWTHORNE BLVD SUITE 204. TORRANCE, CA , 90503 (310) 325-7756. Description: SHIATSU is a Japanese ...

Mindful Shiatsu Center
Welcome. Welcome to the Mindful Shiatsu Center , a treatment and training facility located in Bowie, Maryland. Founded in 1999, the Center is directed by ...

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